After hearing about Bobby’s Fish Camp all of my life, nothing would do but to spend at least one night there. One night was all it took. We were the first boat to pull in around 4:00 and shortly after, we shared the small dock with 3 other boats about our size. Once everyone got hooked up and settled in we walked up to the office to see if the restaurant was open. It wasn’t so we went back to the boat and warmed up some left over roast and vegetables from the night before. To us, it tasted better than it did the first meal. About 30 minutes after we finished eating, one of the other boaters came by and said the restaurant had offered to open and cook some fish if everyone would come eat. We were bummed that we missed the opportunity to have some of what we had heard was the best catfish on the waterway. It was a pleasant experience and at least now we can say “we’ve been there and almost done that”.

As much fun as we have had on our first leg of our adventure, we were excited about pulling out early the next morning. We were ready to spend our last night at a peaceful anchorage called Alabama Cut off, Our last anchorage on the waterway before getting to Mobile.


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