After a few more great anchorages along the way, we arrived in Demopolis, AL. Kind of a special place for David because he had docked here for months at a time in the past and felt right at home here. He met some really great friends here that I now call friends. We enjoyed the new part of the marina and as usual, all the restaurants around town. We attended Sunday morning services at one of the third oldest churches in the Diocese of Alabama, Trinity Episcopal Church. The church was founded in 1834. Probably the most beautiful church that I have ever seen.

As everyone going south does for the last time on the Tenn Tom, we topped off with fuel and headed on through our ‘next to last’ lock. We anchored in Kemp Landing the night of the 23rd. As soon as we dropped the anchor, David had his GPS out looking to see if there was a Sonic within biking or dinghy distance. He was out of luck at this particular anchorage. Anyone that knows him is aware of his addiction to their route 44 diet cokes.


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