We finally untied the lines and left the dock on Wednesday morning. Our plans were to leave on Monday but the weather and the unexpected last-minute sale of David’s motorcycle held us up for a couple of days. We were so excited to finally be cruising. We had planned to get to Bay Springs early afternoon and set the anchor and just chill for a few days. We pulled into to Five Fingers at 2:15 and I had fixed some Debbie Dixon Chili and we had some of sister’s homemade chocolate pie for dessert. As we went into Five Fingers we saw another pleasure boat from MD in there. Later we found out it was Bruce and Beverly on ‘Paddy Wagon’ Just before dark we got the dinghy down and headed to the beach for a nice little bon fire. After the sun went down and the coyotes started howling, David (city boy) was ready to get back to the boat. The weather was beautiful for a few days and then the cold front caught up with us. It went from laying out on top of the bridge to dragging the warm clothes back out. We decided then that we had waited a couple of weeks to late to head south. Lesson learned for next year.

The next couple of days we caught up on some much-needed rest and then… enough of that, we prepped the upper part of the bridge top and got it painted. Something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while and just haven’t had the time to do it. It’s fun to be sitting around now and just come up with something that needs to be done and get up and do it. On Sunday morning, 10/7 we got up early eager to lock through Bay Springs and be on our way. When David hit the switch to pull the anchor up only about 20 feet of chain came up and then it just stopped. The more he tried, the harder it pulled on the bow of the boat. After about 30 minutes of working it, he realized that we were not going to get it up. Apparently we had anchored in a field of stumps and all the changing directions of the wind while we were there wrapped us round and around them. He decided to cut the line, call it a loss and get on our way. ‘Paddy Wagon’ pulled up anchor just before us and headed on to the lock (the first lock of the dirty dozen on the Tenn-Tom) so they ended up having to wait for us. 😦 Knowing that that’s just part of it. We got the West Marine Catalog out and ordered us another anchor and roller. A great friend of ours, John Gatlin on ‘That’s Me’, happened to be on the coast at the time and he took time out of his busy schedule to go pick up 200 more feet of chain for us. Until it comes in on Thursday, we have 3 more anchors but that was our favorite. We wanted to replace it and get it set back up just like it was. It had never let us down before and we have anchored in some pretty heavy winds over the last several months. It was one lock after another for the next several miles but turned out to be a great day. We pulled into Midway Marina and got the courtesy vehicle and went to town and had Mexican for early dinner. When we got back to the marina several boats had pulled in so we got to visit with them before bed time. We met some really nice folks, Steve and Nancy along with their friend Bill on a beautiful sail boat, ‘Kathryn’. They were from Indiana and had recently moved to Corpus Christi, TX. They are taking their boat down to Mobile and then on to Tx. We traveled with ‘Kathryn’ from Midway to Columbus Marina on Tuesday and really enjoyed the company. Once we got settled in at the marina, we got dressed and went to the hospital to see Joyce. Frank and Joyce on ‘Daphne’ are dear friends from the past. David, Frank and I went on to Dinner after the visit. We really missed Joyce, She has had a run of bad luck but is waiting for the Doctor to come around to release her any day now. We got to have dinner with our new friends on ‘Kathryn’ Wednesday night in Columbus along with Frank. We had a great dinner and also had a great time with friends. Some really great boat people. David say’s they are pretty good folks to be yankees Ha/ha. The North and South are at it again.


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